Last night K and I took a break from world building and did some Starbound exploring.

If you’ve never played it, Starbound is an indie sandbox adventure game developed by Chucklefish Ltd.  It’s multiplayer and supports as many players as you want depending on the server.  They’ve made a lot of changes and updates since I started playing a year ago.  I’ll admit I put the game down before those changes were made because I was frustrated by the combat system and the lack of objectives.   As with most beta games, those issues have been fixed and Starbound is a blast for me again.

2015-08-17_00007It looks a bit like Terreria, but I prefer Starbound because of the sci-fi aesthetic.

When I played this game last year, your character started out with a sword that was clunky and rigid to use.   Monsters were pretty aggressive even at your starting planet.  They would jump at you from above and below while you desperately tried to take a whack at them with your useless blade.   But now you’re blessed with firearms from the start!   In casual mode, anyway.


I did more exploring than building last night, so I’ll make a post about the latter eventually.  Here’s a few more snapshots of me playing Starbound (and mainly questing, not building) with K.




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