Japanese baking: melonpan.

As I’ve said before, I’m terrible with yeast breads.  This week I had better luck and baked a couple of baguettes.  I felt like such a pro– I proofed the dough for 12 hours and even sprayed the oven with a water bottle as it was baking for a crispier crust.  It came out perfect.

Foolishly, I tackled melon-pan without a measuring scale.  Melon-pan is a popular Japanese sweet bread that has a cookie crust layer baked on top of a soft bread roll.  Without weighing all the ingredients before hand, this recipe is doomed to fail.  I ended up with a couple of oblong shaped rolls but they tasted alright.

P8191152.jpg I used the recipe by Cooking With Dog, which was very good considering I winged the measurements by converting them all online.  One thing I would add to this recipe is a teaspoon of vanilla to the cookie crust.  The butter and sugar was definitely not enough to make my melon-pan aromatic.  P8191176.jpg

Extra rising would have done my batch good.  I got impatient and wanted to taste the outcome the night of.  If you don’t have a convection oven that helps with rising yeast bread, it takes much longer to let the dough rise than it does in the video.


I plan on trying this again, my melon-pan came out a tad flat and chewy with a crispy cookie top.  My new food scale arrived a few days after I baked these.  🙂


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