Late Summer Pies

Late Summer Pies

I made two pies for a family get together, french silk pie and Momofuku’s banana cream pie.  I just wanted to share photos of them with everyone.  They came out absolutely delicious.

Freezing them the night before ensured that they were perfect the next day to eat.

Pie crusts are a huge pain for me to make, but I’m so happy with how these tasted.

Recipe for the french silk pie came from The Pioneer Woman, Momofuku Banana cream pie can be found here.  Be sure to use disposable pie tins from the grocery store for these recipes.  I think the deep dish ones are too large, and in Momofuku’s videos Tosi always uses a foil pie dish.


My new favorite HEALTHY Chocolate Chip Cookie… with avocado!

Today I really wanted to bake cookies, but I ran out of butter.  This was probably a blessing in disguise, K and I have been calorie counting and butter is one of those things that’s always in our fridge.  I dislike the taste of margarine and I like to use even a little butter to add some umami to my healthier meals.

Well, I really wanted chocolate chip cookies and I had no butter.  But I had six avocados on the kitchen counter.

I know avocados are considered “nature’s butter” but what about in cookies…?

Sadly, the only recipes I could find were for double chocolate, no-flour cookies.  This wouldn’t do.  I wanted a real chocolate chip cookie!

I used Brown Eyed Baker‘s adapted recipe from America’s Test Kitchen for thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies.  Instead of 12 tablespoons of butter which is 170 grams, I took out my scale and substituted it with 170 grams of avocado.

P8231201.jpg After reading Momofuku Milk Bar’s cookbook, I always use their 10-minute creaming process.  I spent about 5 minutes creaming together the avocado and the sugars, and the leftover 5 minutes to cream in the eggs.  This helps the sugars bond well with the fat and eggs and has always given me a chewy cookie, which I love.  I only assumed this would help with avocado as well… plus having bits of baked avocado in my cookie sounded really gross. I measured out two cookies at first, and placed them in the fridge because the batter consistency was suspiciously creamy to me.  With this kind of consistency with butter I’ve always gotten a flatter cookie. How wrong I was, I was NOT baking with butter. Even though I added a tablespoon extra of flour just to be safe and prevent spread, these cookies didn’t need it.  Avocado just doesn’t melt and spread like butter does. After baking the cookie had the perfect chewy consistency, but it was a mini mountain cookie.  It didn’t spread at all.   Oops. So I proceeded to bake the rest of the batter without refrigeration.  Still no spread, this time I flattened the cookies with a spoon before baking.  I also lengthened the baking time to 20 minutes. P8231192.jpg


Without butter, these cookies don’t have that slight “crunch” at the ends, but they are GOOD.  Rich, thick, chewy, kind of a funky green color, but I tried to focus on the avocado taste when I ate **one**.  I couldn’t taste it at all.  It’s just a delicious chocolate chip cookie.
Soo a couple of points to substitute avocado in this recipe:

  • Weigh everything, 12tbsp butter = 170g butter = 170g avocado.
  • Baking time extended to 18-20 minutes to cook the inside.
  • The batter seems too runny at first, but don’t add flour!  It’ll be fine.
  • Avocado cookies don’t spread.  Flatten before baking.
  • These are about 210 calories each.  210 CALORIES.  These are damn big cookies at 2.5 oz each!

There you have it.  What are you waiting for?  Substitute your butter for avocados in your cookie today. It’s only 210 calories for a huge cookie but I still feel guilty eating one because it’s so rich!

Next day edit
These cookies are even better the next day. They store well in a sealed container or ziplock on the kitchen countertop. Still moist and not discolored like you would expect from an avocado cookie. The texture is like a rich butter cookie without the greasiness.